Brush E03-DM - Bristles Beauty
Brush E03-DM - Bristles Beauty

Brush E03-DM


This eyeshadow brush will have you asking, “Where have you been all my life?!” It’s a must-have for defining the crease and adding depth and...


This eyeshadow brush will have you asking, “Where have you been all my life?!” It’s a must-have for defining the crease and adding depth and definition to the eyes.


The E03 is a cutie. It looks dainty and delicate, but before you know it, it’s got you shocked silly. Like when you accidentally catch a tiny, little Granny swearing up a storm. Never knew how much you needed that experience in your life and will now treasure forever. That’s what it feels like to use E03, after you realize how much easier it made adding that extra little ‘oomf’ to your eye makeup.

The size of the E03-DM is a rarity, making it a necessary asset to any brush collection. Its graceful dome shape makes it the essential crease brush. Typically brushes that tuck into the crease to create definition are short and stiff; the size of the E03 still perfectly tucks into the deepest point of the socket while the length of the bristles make the brush more pliable, ensuring an elegant, satiny stroke.

The E03 is perfect for delicate blending and diffusing. With its natural goat bristles and tight form, the resiliency of E03 also make it great for smudging creams or gels and blending out the lower lashline. This brush makes it effortless to craft a look that adds dimension to your eyes. 


On the eyes: 

  • Use this brush to define the crease by adding a deeper shade of eyeshadow directly into the crease with the E03. Hold the E03 horizontal to the ground with it pointed toward you and use the tip of the brush to stroke your shadow back and forth in the crease of your eye lid until the desired depth is achieved. Continue blending out with E02 for a more diffused look.
  • Add dimension to your eyes by using the E03 to add a touch of the darkest shade of shadow to the outer V of your eye, lightly tapping it on and then slightly blending it into the other shades in circular motions.
  • To make the eyes appear bright and wider, use the E03 to gently define just above the natural crease. Using a shade 2-3 shades deeper than your skin tone, hold the E03 almost parallel with your face, on about a 20 degree angle. Use the E03 to lightly shade just above your natural crease, using the edge of the dome to define it before then blending it side to side and upwards, using E02 or E01 to further diffuse.
  • Smudge out creams or gels by patting the product on with E04 or E05, then using E03 to blend it into the shape of your desire before buffing out the edges with E02.
  • Define and diffuse the lower lash line by applying shadow underneath the eye and lightly shading it out with the E03.
  • Add a diffused inner corner highlight with the E03 by placing the shade and using small circles to blend it in.
  • Use short, smooth strokes of the E03 to add highlight directly under the arch of the brow.

On the face:

  • Use the E03 to add highlight in small areas, such as down the bridge of the nose and on the peaks of the cupid’s bow.

Most importantly, remember that makeup isn't moderated, and that you are your own beauty boss. Use the brush however you see fit: whatever feels right to you and makes you feel the most beautiful.


Bristle Length: 13mm;
Bristle Density: 5mm;
Bristle Type: Natural, Goat;
Handle Length: 14cm;
Total Brush Length: 15.3cm


From the women behind Bristles Beauty:

"It was really important to me to add this brush to our first release. It’s super difficult to find a brush of this density but with a bit of length. But it’s so needed for everyday makeup and glam! The way I wear makeup I’m always adding a black or dark brown to my crease or the outer portion of my eyelid, but it was always so easy to take it too far and blow it out too much, taking away from the more defined eye shape I was going for. The E03 makes me so happy because I can just add a little shadow where I want to, blend out just what I need to, and take care of diffusing little details that can’t be done with brushes that are too short or too wide." - Bri


Learn more about Bri & Nie and the process used to create Bristles Brushes here.


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