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At Bristles Beauty our mission is to ensure all makeup wearers can luxuriate themselves with brushes that illustrate and foster a lifetime of creativity.

Our brushes are made in Japan, and are amongst the brushes crafted by Japanese artisans who have honed their skills for decades and meticulously create each brush.

Each brush is hand-crafted in an 80-step process. No machines. They're made completely by hand with the softest bristles. Before forming each individual brush, each and every bristle is inspected, combed through, and vetted to ensure that only the best hairs are being used.

Usually makeup brushes are shaped by cutting off the tips of the bristles to form the shape of the brush; but the very tips of the bristles are the softest part and the best part for blending! Our brushes are hand-formed using custom moulds and are never trimmed, resulting in the silkiest brushes and bristles that achieve the most effortless blend you will ever experience.

female owned



    • The daughter
    • Makeup artist turned business manager turned business owner
    • Dog lover
    • Favourite brush: LOL JK as if she could choose one
    • Writer of these blurbs


    • The mother
    • Too-Many-Years-Assisting-Executives turned business owner
    • Generally just waiting for the day she gets grandkids
    • Amazingly supportive mom of two (but her son's nickname doesn't rhyme with hers, so...)
    • Bri is her favourite

fairly priced


Bristles Beauty is owned and operated by Bri and Nie, a mother-daughter duo based in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada. Upon the inception of Bristles Beauty, what was most important to Bri and Nie were that they were putting out the highest quality, luxury brushes, but making them more accessible by leaving industry-standard markups where they belong - in the past.

Beyond just the business of beauty, Bristles Beauty is an endeavour that Bri and Nie are excited to embark on together as a team. They plan to see Bristles Beauty grow and flourish with their care - and are enjoying the challenges and adventures along the way. As two passionate, multi-tasking, small business owners they have their hands full. But they wouldn't have it any other way and are excited for the things to come with Bristles Beauty, and hope you are too.


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