Brush E01-DL - Bristles Beauty
Brush E01-DL - Bristles Beauty

Brush E01-DL


Ooh, she blends. The E01-DL is a dome-shaped brush perfect for blending on small to medium areas, like across the eyelids and cheekbones.     ...


Ooh, she blends. The E01-DL is a dome-shaped brush perfect for blending on small to medium areas, like across the eyelids and cheekbones.                       


There's blending. And then there's next-level blending -- the type of blending that looks like it took five hours, two breakdowns, and one giant cup of coffee to achieve. But not with E01. E01 makes blending effortless and take no time at all, regardless of your caffeine intake. It can be most commonly found blending out eyeshadow like a dream, but the size and shape make the E01 extremely versatile. Also use it to sweep powder right under the eyes, perfectly place highlighter, or delicately deepen your contour.

The silky-soft, natural goat hairs of this brush make for heavenly strokes that glide across the skin while maximizing the movement of product in just the way you want. The resiliency of the bristles mean that you can use this brush with powders, liquids, and creams. The larger shadow brush size gives the brush its versatility, while the dome shape ensures this brush is the perfect fit wherever it lands.

The smooth, tapered handle feels delicate yet sturdy. Beautifully balanced, the brush makes it easy for you to luxuriate yourself in your own art.

Each brush is artisan-crafted by hand in a stringent 80-step process before being individually inspected for quality. This care and utmost attention to detail ensures each and every brush is made for high performance and ease of application. Because isn't that what you deserve?


On the eyes: 

  • Use the brush clean, without any product on it, to blend out harsh edges or lines or to seamlessly blend two shades together with windshield wiper motions. 
  • Alternatively, use the brush to pick up eye shadow and place it all over the lid for a soft wash of colour, starting closest to the lashline with tapping motions before blending upwards and outwards in soft wiper motions for an effortless gradient.

On the cheeks: 

  • Highlight the tops of your cheekbones by using long strokes swept across the highest points of your cheekbone before using smaller circular motions to marry the highlight with the rest of the face. 
  • Add a darker contour shade to the deepest depth of the hollow in your cheek to delicately dramatize your bone structure by lightly tapping on the shade with short, upward strokes.

On the face:

  • Place powder under the eyes to set concealer and foundation in soft, pressing pats before gently sweeping away any excess.
  • Swiftly sweep away powder from under the eyes after baking by lightly pressing the tip of the dome beside the nose toward the inner corner under the eye and sweeping away toward the temples with soft motions.
  • Blend and marry excessive highlight or contour by using small circular motions where they meet the rest of the makeup.

Most importantly, remember that makeup isn't moderated, and that you are your own beauty boss. Use the brush however you see fit: whatever feels right to you and makes you feel the most beautiful.


Bristle Length: 21mm;
Bristle Density: 7.3mm;
Bristle Type: Natural, Goat
Handle Length: 13.5cm
Total Brush Length: 15.6cm


From the women behind Bristles Beauty:

"I always have at least two E01s on me. Using this brush to blend and sweep across my eyes feels so blissful. It’s also perfect if I have pesky pimples that I want to spot set! I don’t have to dry out the rest of my skin, I just use E01 to powder those specific spots." - Bri

Learn more about Bri & Nie and the process used to create Bristles Brushes here.



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